Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Feedback on Dress Distribution in Samoa by Suzanne

Sharing with you a few pictures of the dress distribution made in Samoa and a few words from Suzanne Cross of her experience in handing dresses to the children -
Last week we were in Samoa. I was very lucky to meet with the High Chief of one of the district which contains many villages. We were in the village of Poutasi which virtually got wiped out in the Tsunami 4 years ago. While there we meet with 3 families who are very poor and have many children.
I was very privileged to receive many dresses to take with me. The next few photos are of the kids in their new clothes.
Luckily we also had some shorts for the boys.

I feel very blessed to have been able to see first hand how these simple things made such a difference.

Thank you to Suzanne for handcarrying these items and for taking the time to take a few pictures. Thank you so much.
Anyone who wants to read more details on dress distributions, you can find all articles here.

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