Thursday, 4 July 2013

Other Donations #1 - Parcel of crayons, papers and cards to colour for the children of Wilcannia

Finally I got the chance to pack boxes and boxes of mini crayons, a ream of blank papers and cards to colour for the children of Wilcannia. I was told that the kiddies love to draw and colour and I have these packs of mini crayons in my garage which I used to include when I used to make colour-me-cards. When I stopped making cards, whenever I have the time I would start melting the crayons to create animals, hearts or anything I can think of. Now it is time to give them to a younger generation that loves to draw and colour. 

The ream of blank papers I took from the recycling bin at work. When we moved to a new building about 3 months ago, they were being thrown away so I took home a couple of reams to use for printing designs and patterns. There is just too much of it so am giving away one ream.
Here is the parcel that I will be sending this weekend to Wilcannia for the children to enjoy.
Also included on this parcel is a pack of erasers and a nursery rhyme book which Monika Osvald sent. Thank you Monika.

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