Friday, 5 July 2013

More of this and that.....

I want to make sure that what I post in my facebook page is also posted here in my blog so from now on or every now and then you will be reading some short updates of this and that...all about making a difference in this world.

  • Am thinking of starting a charity drive for 20 quilts for Romania but I will only accept new quilts. No used ones. Thinking of too many drives I think I will end up with no drive at all.
  • I think i have come up with an idea on the smaller sized dresses. Some of the dresses could fit a small 5 or 6 year old but short in length. If it is matched with a pair of longer shorts or knee length shorts i think it would look great. The dress would become a top and chances are the girl can wear it longer or outgrow the top and shorts. Ummm....more work but worth it i think.
  • Will be running simultaneous charity drives which will probably start mid-July until the end of the year. Anyone can have the option to select which charity drive they would like to support and participate in. Still busy with my handcrafting for a forthcoming market - the Dreamers Market but details will be made available very soon.  Watch for it!  

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