Friday, 27 February 2015

Dress Distribution #89 - 03/2015 - Project Burma 2015 Collection #1 - c-o Barbara Dodson

This batch of dresses and t-shirts/shorts sets will be sent to Barbara Dodson in Victoria to be included in the distribution to be made in the remote village of Chin in Burma. Dresses by other donors will be posted directly to Barbara to avoid delays as the volunteer who will be handcarrying the clothes leaves for Burma on the 16th of March. 
Here is the parcel from Dress A Girl Australia -
and here are the contents of the parcel -
made possible by the following sponsoring donors -
1) Suzanne Marshall
2) Lucy Maandig
3) Sarah Hicks

Other donors who will be sending their contributions directly to Barbara are -
1) Patricia Burton 
2) Lynne Stupple
3) Elaine Klein 
4) Christine Caputo
5) Frances Cornish 
6) Ron Perrin 
7) Sharyn Cafee 

for a total of 49 dresses and 9 pairs of shorts and t-shirts. Please click here to check out individual images of the contents of the parcel. Images of items by other donors will be included in this album if and when available.

Thank you so much to the donors for making this first distribution in Burma for the year 2015 possible. Much appreciated.

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