Thursday, 5 February 2015

Want to do something different in your life today????

For a price of a cup of coffee for the next 3 days....Check out my Dress Sponsorship Program through the links below. I have another location to send sponsored dresses to when I come back from my trip at the end of this month. Please help make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate by giving them new clothes or give hope through clean water. Thank you.

Dress for a 6-year old -
T-shirt dress -
Boys clothes -
Dress for a school-aged girl with school starter kit -

Imagine what a cup of coffee can do to make this world a better place!!

*** My heartfelt thank you to those who have sponsored dresses so far including those who buy from my ebay listings. Your support is helping make the building of a well to provide clean water in Kalagi Uganda becoming more visible in the near future and at the same time making kiddies around the world happy with their new clothes so thank you so much. . ****

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