Friday, 6 February 2015

Make a difference by sponsoring a dress

As of today I have raised $4.015.00 out of the $10,500 I need to build a well for the people of Kalagi Uganda. That means that as of today I would still need to sew at least 500 more dresses and/or boys clothes to be sponsored to reach my goal... provide hope through safe water to 700 children and 300 adults including the people from five surrounding villages, four schools and five churches. If you want to help make a difference to the lives of these people, please sponsor a dress. For $10.00 and perhaps the price of at least 3 cups of coffee, you get to provide a dress to a child in need and make the dream of drinking clean water become a reality for the community of Kalagi Uganda. 

In saying this, starting today, Charity Drive #9 starts to raise $5,000.00 by perhaps sewing 500 dresses for sponsorship, more ebay listings, selling plants from my garden or whatever I can think of. Not sure how long it will take to complete this drive but with your help in spreading the word around I hope it will be soon. Sponsored dresses will have priority on distributions over dresses donated. Thank you.

To sponsor a dress, please click on the link below -

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