Tuesday, 3 February 2015

For everyone's info

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that I am still not accepting dress donations as I am still on a break. The distributions I am posting here are unscheduled ones. Restart of collections will be published here and in my facebook page but just also want to remind anyone who wants to donate that there will be a maximum number of donations I will be accepting per donor for every distribution and strictly implemented to avoid financial stress. There are no big financial donors and/or sponsors of this charity work contrary to what other people think. This is self-funded and survives with the proceeds from the things that I sell from my on-line shops and ebay listings of unwanted items from my garage and with the help of a few very generous donors which I am very thankful for. Anyone who wants to donate more than what is the maximum, your donations will be accepted but this time I will require that you donate and help towards the cost of sending the extra dresses being donated. Thank you for your understanding.

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