Monday, 23 February 2015

Updates on Parcels

Before I left for the USA two weeks ago I sent enquiries to Australia Post about parcels that I have sent which I wanted to know whether they have arrived their destinations or not and have been delivered. Thought I would share with you the feedbacks that I received regarding my enquiries -
1) For the parcel I sent to India on the 16-Dec-2014, it has been received on the 26-Dec-2014 :
2) For the two parcels I sent to Romania on th 5-Nov-2014, it has been received on the 13-Jan-2015:
3) For the parcel I sent to Papua New Guinea on the 7-Jan-2015, it has been received on the 20-Jan-2015
When I get the chance I will try to contact the recipients and provide them with these information to make sure that they did get the parcels. 

I would like to extend my thanks to Australia Post for patiently tracking down these parcels. Thank you. Much appreciated.

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