Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Charity Auction for Dress A Girl Group in Facebook

Hi Everyone,

This has been in the planning for sometime and is now a reality and many thanks to Katherine Nott.

We have created a group called Charity Auction for Dress A Girl where anyone can make dresses, chat about it in the group and to be auctioned at a time to be agreed when it is finished. The funds raised from the auction will be used for postage in sending dresses including dresses anywhere within Australia to Sydney. This will be a big help especially to those who send dresses in bulks. And if the group can raise more funds, then it would be used to make more dresses.

For more details on this group, here is the link and be a member. It's free and we would love to hear everyone's ideas and hope to put in more fun in helping disadvantaged children around the world.

If you are in facebook, please check this out. If you are not in facebook, don't lose hope. Any activities and/or important updates happening in the group will be posted on this site so everyone gets updated.

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