Sunday, 12 August 2012

Three Bags Full Two Parcels for Uganda

Yes, three bags full....two parcels for September lift-off to Uganda. All dresses prepped up and boxes are ready. All I need is to start packing them into the boxes where they are going.


  1. Another busy weekend for you, Gigi. It's great to see those bags of clothing and know that in a few weeks quite a few more children will be delighted to receive a new dress or pair of shorts. One dress or pair of shorts may not mean very much to us, but to children in such desperate circumstance as many of these are, it not only means a new article of clothing to wear, but the knowledge that people far away are thinking of them and care about them. Keep up the good work, Gigi, you inspire us all.

    1. Thanks Frances. Gave me a chance to sort as it was too cold to go out of the house. :-)