Thursday, 30 August 2012

My table cover for Dreamers Market

This is the table cover I made for the Dreamers Market on Saturday, 1st of Sept. It is made of a recycled linen sheet and cutouts from a Soft Treasures and Dress A Girl banners. The banners were too large to fit in the front section of the cover so I cut them. My table is about 120 cms so this cover is very well customized for the table.
I also made a folder for Dress A Girl to bring with me to the market just in case people would like to know what Dress A Girl Around the World is all about, how it started in Australia, where the dresses have gone and how many have gone so far. It also will hold pictures of the distribution which I still have to print and I hope to bring at least one pillowcase dress and pair of shorts to display.

Still have lots of things to do and it is already Thursday night.

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