Friday, 17 August 2012

Forthcoming Dress A Girl Australia Events

In a few weeks, the "Make-it or Break-it charity drive will start. This drive will determine if my goal of 1500 dresses and 500 pairs of shorts for the boys to collect and distribute for the year 2012 will happen. As of this writing, these are the Dress A Girl Australia numbers :
                  Dresses -  880 number of dresses done
                                 620 number of dresses to go

                  Pairs of Shorts - 173 number of shorts done
                                          327 number of shorts to go

                  Number of days to event - 
As of this writing, I have made 30 dresses which is not included in any of the numbers above and I hope to make more whenever time allows.

Also, the collection for the contents of the Dress A Girl bags for Christmas will start. The bags will contain a pack of school supplies, T-shirts and one more item which I still am not sure what that would be. :-) 
I now have 3 groups who more or less have committed to helping out on this special project and I am very positive that by the end of October all my bags will be completed and ready for lift-off. 

I have never had this kind of challenge and I think everyday between now and the end of the year will be very exciting and interesting! And I think I will need all the help I can get if I want to win this challenge. :-)


  1. The Kapunda sewing group will be happy to help, our big sewing bee is on the 25th and I posted 25 dresses yesterday!

  2. Gigi - could you please tell us what sizes of dresses/shorts you are more in need of, if you know, that is? There seems little point in making a hundred size 6 dresses if it's size 10 that you need more.

    Many thanks - Frances

    1. Hi Frances,thanks for asking. I actually am in need of dresses between the sizes of 8 to 12 because am running out of it and for the shorts between the sizes of 6 to 10. Dresses dont necessarily have to have sleeves. am happy with pillowcase style dresses.