Monday, 6 August 2012

FY12 Dress Distribution #13 -For the children of Myanmar Burma

13 dresses and 22 pairs of shorts for the Hosanna Children's Home in Myanmar Burma is distribution #13. This parcel will be delivered to Karen Evans of Geelong, Victoria at the end of this month or earlier who then will hand it over to a team of people she is sending over from their church and will be working at the orphanage in September.

Here is the parcel I tried to pack tonight -
and here are the 13 dresses and 22 pairs of shorts included in the parcel -
and here are the donors of the dresses and pairs of shorts -
1. Loris Pullen
2. Frances Cornish
3. Sharyn Paull
4. Margaret Doecke,Veronica Martin,Delilah Balmer & Deborah Parish (Sewing Bee #3 Parcel 2)

To see larger images of the full donation, please click here. Links to this article and feedback will also be made available in the special 'Dress Distribution' tab which you can find at the top of this page (if you click on 'dress distribution' it will take you to the page).

To all the donors, thank you so much for making this parcel possible, for making 13 girls and 22 boys happy sometime in September with your generosity and kindness. It is very much appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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