Sunday, 5 August 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #81 - 18 dresses from Deborah and Loris

Number 81 on the list are 18 dresses from Deborah and Loris, two friends from Kapunda and Tonunda, South Australia who are enjoying making dresses. 14 of the dresses are from Deborah and in addition to the 14 pairs of shorts(#80) are 4 dresses from Loris. Amazing ladies!! If I can only bring my sewing machine at work, I probably would be doing the same thing, sewing dresses whenever I can.
Thank you very, very much for the support you are providing to this cause. You inspire a lot of people with what you are doing. There never seems to be a dull moment between the two of you. :-) Thank you for doing such a great job spreading the word in your local community. It is much, much appreciated.

Any ladies out there in the vicinity of Kapunda, Tonunda,  Adelaide, Eudenda, Rhynie and other nearby towns who wants to join the campaign of dressing girls around the world, or if you have any fabrics to donate please feel free to connect to either of these two ladies. You will not regret it. To get in touch with Deborah, click here or Loris, click here. Or you can send an email to

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