Friday, 22 August 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#104 to #107 - Dresses from Ann, Maureen, Tannis and Frances

Can not seem to keep up with the counting with more parcels arriving at my postbox for Project Hope Burma and Project Uganda but need to know how many more children can be provided with dresses, t-shirts and shorts they can call their own, I need to work overtime. A few people have asked why I do these kind of acknowledgements when I could easily dump all these items in a box and post. The reason why I do this is to show my appreciation to all the donors and let them know how I value what they made, the time and effort they spend making these dresses and the cost of providing the materials. And as long as the guidelines are diligently considered I am happy to help everyone make a difference by finding owners of their donations.  Also I sign for the parcels that I send anywhere in the world so I have to make sure that they are packed well and safe to send.

For this batch of donation acknowledgements ,I have added 29 more dresses for Project Uganda and 52 more dresses and 8 matching sets of t-shirts and shorts for Project Hope Burma.
1) Donation #104 is a parcel of 44 dresses, 6 pairs of shorts, 1 quilt and 4 girls undies from Tannis Brennan. 29 of the dresses have been allocated to Project Uganda and the remaining dresses for future drives. A lot of the fabric materials used in these items were donated by the patchwork group of her mum in Busselton. The quilt will be acknowledged separately as I think I have another quilt from another donor in one of the unopened parcels.
2) Donation #105 is a parcel of 10 dresses from Ann Field with fabrics donated by Jenny Bonner. All dresses allocated to Project Hope Burma -
3) Donation #106 is a parcel of 36 dresses from Frances Cornish. Again, all dresses allocated to Project Hope Burma -
4) Donation #107 is a parcel of 6 dresses, 6 pairs of shorts and 8 t-shirts from Maureen O'Brien. All items allocated to Project Hope Burma.
Thank you, Ladies, for all the wonderful dresses and pairs of shorts you have made for the less fortunate children. Thank you to Maureen for the t-shirts. And to the fabric donors as well. Thank you. Your kindness and generosity are very much appreciated.

Here is an update of the projects as of today with the above donations -
           Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) - Dresses 55 
           Project Hope Burma (Oct delivery) - Dresses - 147
                                                                 - Shorts - 71
                                                                 - T-shirts - 71

And lastly, a reminder of the deadlines -
          Project Uganda ends at the end of August
          Project Hope Burma (Oct delivery) ends mid-September

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