Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Dresses for Peru - 3 Down 72 to Go

The past couple of months has been so full of intrigues that I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. My goal of sewing 75 dresses which I plan to handcarry to Peru in July was slowly disappearing from my radar. Even though how much I tried to force myself to sit down in front of my sewing machine the past few weeks it failed. Before the distractions, you literally have to pull me away from my sewing table. Finally tonight I sat down and made 3 dresses. These materials were donated by Betty Barrett last year to help me with my one dress a day for 365 days campaign. I received the materials sometime in July and took 7 months for me to action.
I have bundles and bundles of laces in different width sizes given to me by my sister in 2012 so I decided to embellish one of the dresses. When I start to become creative, I can feel that I am starting to come back to a world I fully enjoy. These 3 dresses are for the children of Peru.

Thank you so much to Betty Barrett for the materials and making these 3 dresses possible. I finally made it Betty! Thank you.

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