Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Feedback on Dress Distribution - Morningstar Foundation of Welkom South Africa

It was a long road to get these dresses to JNB South Africa from the time they were sorted and packed to finding the small road that will lead us to the freight terminal past the area's tight security to the processing of documents until I finally saw the boxes being taken away to a place waiting for it to be loaded on the first flight to JNB the following day. It was not an easy effort either to have these parcels released at the JNB International Airport because of the volume or number of parcels. The parcels were opened to make sure that they were dresses and Elizabeth of Morningstar promised the officials to send them pictures of the orphans wearing the dresses once they are released and distributed to prove that they were indeed charity gifts to the children. So you see it is not just a matter of dumping these dresses to the boxes. One has to make sure that what you sign in the documents is what is inside the parcels as described as you will never know what is going to happen at the place of destination.

But the effort was well worth it just by looking at the faces of these kids. As Joan would say these pictures are for my enjoyment which I am actually enjoying looking at the smiling faces but gladly sharing it with everyone especially to the few donors of some of the dresses being worn.

A job well done to all involved. Thank you and thank you to Joan Adams for the pictures. Much appreciated.

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  1. I am so excited, I can see a few of the dresses in this photo which I have sewn. WOW it takes a long time, I made these in May last year I think. I have many more cut out to make when I get some spare time. They all look so happy.