Sunday, 9 February 2014

Heads up on sizes

To be fair to those who wants to contribute to this campaign and are starting to sew, please take note of the following sizes of dresses and pairs of shorts that will be needed and will most likely be easy to distribute in the next few months.
               Dresses - between the sizes of 5 to 12 
               Pairs of Shorts - between the sizes of 6 to 10 
This should be children's sizes and not adult sizes even for the pairs of shorts. This way I can fit in more dresses and/or pairs of shorts in a mailing box. Make sure that they are of the right length to the size of the dress. You can put in an extra inch or two but please dont make them too long that it would not be possible for the child to wear the dress. 

Please make your dresses as simple as possible so they do not weigh more than the other dresses. I think sometimes you have to consider where the dresses are going. They definitely are not going to children in the city. They are going to hinterlands so we need to think whether dresses that are too dressy or too party looking are going to fit to the environment where they are going to be worn, whether these dresses can survive rough washing conditions. 

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.

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