Monday, 17 February 2014

More soy candles for sale

I am currently working on a project (and will be going on for the next 3 months) that is making me a bit tired when I get home that sometimes all I want to do is just sleep. But I need to make money by selling my handmades in order for Dress A Girl Australia to survive. So if anyone is wondering why I am promoting my soy candles again...this is how Dress A Girl Australia sustains its ability to continue on distributing dresses to different locations around the world. I am not a rich woman but I enjoy making a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged children around the world. I make a difference and I hope inspire other people to make a difference through my selling. 

So happy to announce more new products in my online shop. 
New product number 1 are the soy tealights.
My "Tealight" collection are available in both scented and unscented and in small, large and limited jumbo-sized aluminium cups. All sizes fit in any normal tealight holder. The wicks are all-cotton, with no wires or zinc. To checkout this new product, please click here.

New product number 2 are the mini melting soy bars.
A great alternative to burning candles! Enjoy the aromatic scent of the melting bars using an electric tart burner.  Burn tarts without the need to add oil and no water at anytime. To checkout this new product, please click here.

New product number 3 are the votives. They will soon be available to purchase in my shop @ $2.00 each. I just need the time to spare to post them.
Every candle that sells, a girl somewhere out there gets to own a new dress. The more candles I sell, the more dresses travel to less fortunate locations. These soy candles helped send two parcels to Kenya 2 weeks ago instead of just one. 

So if you or a family member or a friend is looking for environmentally friendly candles, please spread the word about the soy candles available for sale in my shop. The price of each item already includes postage. You wont be charged postage when you check out. Since I combine postage, any postage in excess of $2.00 will be returned back in the same way that payment was made. Please help spread the word about my soy candles and other handmade items. Thank you.

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