Monday, 25 June 2012

ClipArts For Sale

About six years ago I was really into papercrafting and did a lot of cardmaking, I used to buy cliparts and digital images from the original designs of Cheryl Seslar Designs to use in my cards and other projects. It was quite addicting. One day she came up with an offer to allow some of her customers to resell her images on the condition that you buy the license to resell. Being able to resell what I purchased was such a good idea that I saved up some money to afford the professional license.   

Anyway, that's how I started my cliparts and digital image business. I ended up buying more images for six resellers only and sometimes would buy images that was sold only to one person and that meant I was the only one who had it and can resell at my own price. And I think I was the only reseller from Australia then.This kept me busy promoting new images to sell and by this time I had almost given up on my cardmaking and also decided it was time to go back to the workforce, get myself another full-time job. After about three years the website I created needed a big change as processing was still done manually but I could not find the time to sit down and make the necessary changes so I decided to temporarily stop selling.   

Three weeks ago(after almost two years of doing nothing with it) while cleaning up my hard drive I saw all the files again and an idea hit me. Why dont I try to revive my cliparts business and this time whatever sales I make I save it for Dress A Girl Australia. Selling these images is not that much but earning a few dollars a month is better than nothing. Besides these images were meant to be sold.

After some research I found the right site and software needed and my cliparts business is back in action....and I have pledged that all proceeds from the sale of these images will be donated to Dress A Girl Australia's postage fund. 

So if you are wondering what that 'red' button is on the top right corner of my blog which reads ClipArts Digital Craft Store, if you click on the button it will bring you to the small shop I just updated with my clipart files. At the bottom of each page you will see the Terms of Use for all the images. Here is the link to check out the shop -
If you know of anyone who might be looking for cliparts and digital images for their personal and commercial use, please share them the link to the shop. They may find something they like and make a purchase. I am slowly uploading all the files I have so more choices are available.

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