Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Teddy Bear

This is a repost from another blog which I write about my creative handmade life with slight modifications from the original article and is about my teddy bear.

This is a teddy bear which I made about 4 years ago when I was doing a lot of fabric memory items to sell. I only wanted a simple teddy bear and one that is easy to make so I designed one and came up with this. I actually prefer a teddy bear over a doll. This teddy bear is only 15cms wide and about 20cms tall.

The first fatty teddy bear has an appliqued heart and the smaller bear has my nephew's picture which I printed on fabric instead of the heart. Now I remember I made this about two weeks before Valentine's Day. At that time I also went crazy with button-making which I still am by the way thus the Valentines button on the bear. The button is a picture of a teddy bear holding a heart with the message "On this Valentines day will you be mine?". 

Now I am thinking of reviving my teddy bear making and make a limited edition of this bear and instead of the heart and Liam's picture I put the Dress A Girl Around the world logo on it. I am looking for other ways to raise funds for Dress  A Girl Australia in addition to sponsorships as I know I will be sending more parcels in the many, many months to come and I think this will be a great idea (well that is what I think!) ....and if I have the time to make them. But sometimes I find myself not into sewing in some days(my mood doesnt want me to do sewing) so when this happens maybe I start making teddy bears instead. I think I will try making one this week and see how it looks like and whether it would be a viable project so I better start looking for the template I created. 

Also am starting to think of giving something to cuddle or something to hold or wear in addition to a dress and this teddy bear is so easy to make and very light. 

I received a pack of six dresses more than a week ago which I have not had a chance yet to acknowledge. The six dresses came with special gifts attached to it. You should see what those gifts  are. They are so pretty and cute I keep on looking at them with a big smile on my face. :-) If I can't take my eyes and hands off it can you imagine the girl who would be receiving that dress? These dresses are next in line to be acknowledged so you should all see what came with the dresses very soon.

If you think the teddy bear is a wonderful idea, please feel free to comment on this article. Thank you.

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