Thursday, 28 June 2012

Where have all the dresses gone?

Yes, where have they all gone. Almost eight weeks ago when I started to sort dresses for distribution, this is how a section of the house where I live looked like.
While I was sorting I was also receiving more dresses and pairs of shorts at the same time, the area became worst I could hardly see the top of the table and only glimpses of my craft books. In fact, I ordered two books at that time and the only time I saw the books was when it arrived. The books got drowned with the dresses piled on top of one another. I used to put the dresses inside plastic bags but because I was sorting and getting ready for them to be packed I decided to just put them either on top of the coffee table or on the arm rest of the chair or on top of the bench. 
I was so impressed with what I have done one parcel after another, today I decided to take a picture of the area where the dresses were and tada...this is how it looked today. I can now see my owl and my green ceramic mexican hat. Still no sign of the new books as they are under the boxes.
Two small boxes left with about 15 rolled dresses on the side and ready-to-be rolled dresses on top of one another in the corner. These dresses are ready to be mailed off for the second parcel to Masaka Uganda. But what I havent showed you are the pre-cut fabrics waiting to be sewn and the bundles and bundles of T-shirts waiting for their skirts to be attached. Maybe next time that will be the area I will get a picture of and post here.

I haven't been surrounded with as many new and handmade dresses in my entire life until now. But I am glad I had this mess and a mountain of dresses as I know I have made hundreds of disadvantaged children around the world smile for they now own at least one dress for each one of them deserves to own one just like us and I look forward to another mountain of dresses in my house in the months to come.

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