Saturday, 9 June 2012

FY12 Dress Distribution #5 - Dresses for the children under temporary shelter with ECPAT Phils

For the next few days I will be focusing my articles on the dress distributions and what dresses were included in the parcels I have sent and who the donors of the dresses were. It took more time to do the matching as this is the first time that I have to allocate/packed and send more than one parcel in one go and not just one but 3 had already left, 1 is about to be dispatched, 2 about to be packed and 1 being readied for possible handcarry. There is not much dresses in one parcel the most is about 50 since I wanted to distribute in more locations and not focused in just one location. Hopefully all these parcels will reached its destinations without any problems in the next 2 months or so.

Ok, after months of waiting these pack of dresses finally left today for the girls under temporary shelter with ECPAT Phils. 22 dresses for 22 girls between the ages of 9 to 16. Some of these girls are currently undergoing some vocational training to help them develop skills that will help them towards having a better life, some are under temporary shelter with the organization. I also included in the parcel a dozen light headbands which I received in one of the anonymous donations and which some of the girls with possibly long hair can wear.
These dresses were supposed to be included in the first parcel of pillowcase dress kits I sent about 6 weeks ago but at that time I needed about 3 more large dresses and also the box wasnt big enough to accommodate all 22 dresses. Anyway, here they are and have finally left my humble abode and the dresses were donations from the following donors :
1. Gaylene Hermann
2, Ladies from Kapunda South Australia Sewing Bee I and II)
3. Margaret Blanch
4. Linda Smyth
5. The Sewing Library FB group
6. Fabric Cuts
7. Pillowcase donations from Anonymous donors and sewn by DAG
Most of these pillowcase dresses were made late last year(around November 2011) as part of the 'Me and my Sewing Machine Marathon II. To see larger images of the dresses, click hereThank you so much to the donors of this parcel and hopefully soon we shall see who has become the owners of the dresses. Thank you.

** ECPAT Philippines is a member of the ECPAT global organization who is involved in ending child prostitution, pornography and trafficking. To know more about their work, click here.

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