Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #75 - 35 Dresses from the Ladies of Kapundah Sewing Bee #3

Yes, 35 dresses from the Ladies of Kapundah and nearby suburbs/towns of Tonunda, Adelaide, Eudenda, Rhynie of South Australia for Donation #75. These dresses were sewn during their Sewing Bee #3 last June 30 and donated to Dress A Girl Australia for the less fortunate children around the world. These 35 dresses are in addition to the 7 dresses from Cassie Ashley(Donation #74) and 14 pairs of shorts from Loris Pullen(Donation #73).

Here are the dresses from Parcel #1 which had 20 dresses from Loris Pullen(9x), Margaret Adair(10x) and Deborah Parish(1x) - 
and the dresses from Parcel #2 which had 15 dresses from Margaret Doecke(2x) Veronica Martin(1x) Delilah Balmer(2x) and Deborah Parish(10x). 
A total of  42 dresses and 14 pairs of shorts in one sewing bee. Great job ladies!

Thank you to Deborah Parish for organizing these sewing bees. This time parcels to send the dresses to me in Sydney were donated by Margaret Adair and Loris Pullen. Thank you ladies.

This sewing bee wouldnt have been made possible without the location so again our special thanks to Pastor Paul Smith for allowing these ladies to use his One light Church.

Last but not the least a big, big thank you to Brian Parish, Deborah's husband for all the hard work in making sure that these ladies have a successful sewing bee, for being there to help these ladies lift and carry their sewing tools from the car to the sewing room and back to the car when they have all completed their tasks and for unpacking and packing the furnitures. Thank you for supporting these wonderful ladies! Much appreciated. And once again, thank you ladies for your unwavering support of Dress A Girl Around the World. Thanks a whole lot!

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