Sunday, 15 July 2012

Status Updates on Dress A Girl Australia Activities

It is my intention to make sure that everyone gets updated with Dress A Girl Australia's activities especially on Dress Distributions. I have a created a special page for Dress Distribution activities in my blog. On this special tab you will find all links relating to the following :

1) Dress distributions accomplished. Here you find links to the distribution article, where it has been sent, parcels awaiting feedbacks either on arrival or distributions, links to dresses included in the parcels and their respective donors. The distribution article also includes list of donors who made the parcel possible.
2) Dress Collections for future parcels in progress.

Articles are arranged in order of occurrence starting with the latest event. Point your mouse over the articles and links to read or see more details. Have fun linking to the articles and see where your dresses went or are going or who is wearing them when available. 
Here is the link to that special tab -
Legend -
* Completed
% Sent; Waiting for arrival
# Parcel arrived; Awaiting Feedback of Distribution
& Collection for Parcels in progress

Please note that there might be areas of distribution where it may not be possible to get pictures of dresses being given to the children due to some unavoidable circumstances (i.e. some areas may not have cameras available). All pictures, if and when available, will be posted immediately on this site. Where pictures are not possible, a confirmation that the parcels have arrived will be communicated as soon as it is received.

For those who are interested on dress numbers and statistics,this information is available on the right sidebar of the page under FY12 collection target and numbers by category. Please check them out too as they are quite interesting. Well, for me most especially because I have set a goal to achieve.

Again, thank you to everyone for supporting this very wonderful and great cause. Thank you for joining in this campaign of making this world a better and happier place....where every girl owned at least one pretty dress especially in the less fortunate locations around the world. All your efforts, time and donations are very much appreciated. Thank you! And...

please dont stop spreading the word!!

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