Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Thank You from Mt Hagen PNG

Sometime end of May I sent a special parcel to Mt Hagen PNG for the boys of the BFO Orphanage after learning that they were in need of new pairs of pants. This morning I received an email from Dave of orphanlist with this picture attached to it. A picture that paints a thousand words, a picture that speaks for itself, a picture of happy boys of the orphanage in their Sunday’s best. Isnt that amazing knowing that these boys now own at least one new pair of pants each. 
Thank you to the group of friends who made this possible, for putting more happy faces in this world. Much appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. This message came from my brother Louie after seeing this picture.

    in your own way, you are making a contribution to making this world a little bit better.
    and the smiles on their face makes all the effort invested all worthwhile. it brings joy
    to both the recipient and donor. a tangible thing that money can't buy.
    god bless you jing.