Monday, 2 July 2012

Papua New Guinea Parcel

This was supposed to be a news for last week but had been busy with lots of personal errands one of them was taking my car and my sister's car to the shop for maintenance. It actually took us three days to finish this errand. First we had to drop off my car, then went back the following day to pick it up and leave her car, then drove her the following day to pick up her car. Time flies so fast when you need it.

My news is that due to important commitments and limited number of vacation days available from work I have decided to delay my trip to Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea to later this year. I will be writing a letter to Aunty Rosa of the Bible Fellowship(Orphan) Outreach to let her know and have also advised Dave Scheier of Orphanlist of my cancellation.

But the world hasnt ended for Dress A Girl Australia, Dave who actually comes from the US is visiting the orphanage in early August so I will be packing the dresses very soon to send to PNG to arrive in time for his visit. Expect my hands to be very busy quickly rolling up dresses again in the evening from work as I hope to send it this weekend. And I think I need to sit down and make another 7 t-shirt dresses to round it up to 70 dresses.

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