Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Status of Myanmar Burma Collection

Its only the 17th of July today and the collection I have for the children of Myanmar Burma is almost filled up. Just want to share with you where the collection is at.... and I think I just want to use my new blackboard too. :-)

As mentioned last week the dresses have already been taken and the pairs of shorts needed to be attended to. With the 14 pairs I received from Loris of the Ladies of Kapundah Sewing Bee group, 11 has already been taken plus 1 from Sharyn Paull. I checked my shorts inventory last night and the second to the last parcel I received from Sharyn  actually had a size 10. So all I need are 10 more pairs : Size 8 (2); Size 10/12 (6); and Size 14/16 (2). Check out what I have written on the board with hearts in every corner. :-)
So if there is anyone out there who is thinking of sewing pairs and would like to donate for the Myanmar Burma collection, please be guided by what is written on the board above but please don't let this stop you from donating any size you want. There are still a lot of disadvantaged boys out there who needs new pair of shorts so any size will be received with open arms and much appreciated.

If you are not into sewing but you know someone who might like to make a difference in this world by sewing dresses or pairs of shorts for the disadvantaged children in many locations around the world, please help spread the word.

Please feel free to send me an email at dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com if you have any questions or wondering why I am collecting pairs of shorts for Myanmar Burma. 

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