Sunday, 17 March 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/03 #31 - From Heather and friends

Donation #31 is a very good example of sewing and spreading the word among family and friends. 9 dresses made of fabrics donated by her sister Debbie Nikolic and friend Wanda and sewn by Heather Harris. Everyone gets a chance to help make a difference in this world by helping one another and here are the dresses that will dress 9 lucky girls around the world -
Thank you to Debbie Nikolic and friend Wanda for the fabrics and to Heather for sewing them into dresses.  I love the good deeds that the three of you have accomplished. It is what Dress A Girl Around the world is all about and makes everything about this campaign more rewarding. 
Thank you so much!

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