Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What to do...maybe it is time to have a rest for a few days

Today is the 26th of March and in another 5 days the month of March would be gone and I have only made 13 dresses out of a forecasted 31 dresses for the 31 days of March. A lot of unexpected things happening which made it impossible to make one dress a day and I look at it as a sign that maybe I should stop dressing girls for a few days...have a rest!

First, it was my sewing machine. It just wouldnt move, If it does move, the threads are tangled and the sewing machine jams up. And when I started sewing again using my sister's sewing machine, last night I discovered I only had about half-a-metre left of bias tape. it wont even be good enough for one armhole. When was the last time I made bias tapes? cant remember! :-) Looks like ages ago. I did'nt want to make a dress and not finished it so no dress was done since last night. Then I thought maybe I should just print labels. But guess what. two cartridges of my printer has no more ink and usually when there is no more ink, most printers wont work even if the other cartridges still have some ink left. For my printer to work, it needs 5 inks. I didnt force it to print since I didnt want my printer to get damaged. I have ordered rolls of bias tapes this time (as I dont think I will find the time to make them anyway I can buy them at wholesale price) and also have ordered the ink cartridges. The shop I go to did not have the colours I wanted in stock. Without these two very important materials, am kind of paralyzed. Cant do much until I receive the items so I might as well have a rest and re-energized. I am still hoping that I could at least make a dozen dresses before the month of April starts on Easter Monday.

What to do! But I think I am enjoying and having fun overcoming these challenges! 
Here is a link to the 13 dresses I have made so far.

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