Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sewing Bees

My most frequently received emails (FRE's for short :-)) are enquiries on Sewing Bees. I would love to organize a sewing bee. This is the number #1 wish I have on my bucket list and still does not have a tick mark after 24 months. Due to circumstances beyond my control(i.e. work, family, coordinating,organizing,raising fund tasks for Dress A Girl including sewing at least one dress a day which I don't want to give up but I have been missing a lot of days now) sewing bee is still a dream for me which I hope to achieve in the near future... BUT.... there is a group called BobKin Sewciety by Vanessa Gowans. I believe the current members are in the process of organizing sewing bees and they come from different locations around Australia, please join the group and join in their discussions on organizing sewing bees. And if you live in Kapunda S.A. or in any suburb near Kapunda, there is a group called Dress A Girl Around the World-Kapunda Ladies sewing group, you may want to join in this group too for sewing bee schedules being organized by Deborah Parish. 

Here are the links to the facebook group -
1) for the Bobkin Society -
2) the Kapunda Ladies sewing group -

Join any of these groups whichever is more convenient for anyone and have fun making dresses! Thanks!

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