Thursday, 21 March 2013

Feedback on dresses with sleeves

No dress made today as am spending my time sorting and packing dresses. I appreciate very much the dresses that you make and send but to all those who are making dresses with sleeves or peasant style dresses, please do not be offended but please do not make the neckline of the dress too wide as the dress might fall off the child wearing it. This is the first time am packing dresses with sleeves and I noticed that some necklines are too wide. Even if the neckline has an elastic, I think some are still too wide. Dresses with sleeves are going to Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh where sleeves are required but these children are not of heavy build. Please take this comment positively as a guide to making a more beautiful dress and one that a child can enjoy wearing. Thanks everyone!

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  1. If it's any help to the wonderful sewing ladies, I use 55cm of elastic for dresses up to about 12 years, and 60cm of elastic for those above 12. This elastic is threaded through the front and back necks, plus the tops of the two sleeves.