Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/03 #33 - Bundles of Fabrics from Joan

When I went to work last Monday the first thing I saw on top of my desk was a big plastic bag. I was thinking that whoever placed this plastic bag on my desk must have found it on top of their desk and wants to get rid of it by putting it on another desk which was my desk. (I think that is what some people do when no one is looking) . You see we just moved into a new office building and were told to always have a clean desk, keep everything inside the locker we were provided before we leave work as we may not be seated on the same desk the following day (they call it hot-desking) but since we moved I have been sitted on the same spot everyday. I go to work early so I always get the same spot. :-)

Anyway, I opened the bag and this is what I found inside. Three bundles of different fabric materials and definitely was meant for me as a few people at work knows that I collect fabrics for Dress A Girl. It wasnt until after about 10-15 minutes later that I found out who left it on my desk (not just anyone who wanted to get rid of a plastic bag. LOL!). It came from Joan Lui who was so happy to see the pairs of shorts I made for him worn by some school kids from the School for Life Foundation in Uganda she decided to start looking for fabrics again in her cabinet to give to me. Donation #33.
 To Joan, thank you so much for the bundles. Thank you for keeping me busy making a difference in the lives of a few disadvantaged children through your fabric donations. It is much appreciated.

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