Saturday, 17 August 2013

A break from dresses, t-shirts and shorts

Last month while preparing and sorting about 350 dresses for Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines I needed a break from dresses so I took pictures of all the handmade totes and bags, fabric postcards and other handmade items I made which I was going to sell at the recent Dreamers Markets. The last two weeks I have been preparing and sorting again including counting t-shirts for Abim Uganda and this morning I thought I needed another break. I was on my way out to drive to the postoffice when I saw my pairs of rubber shoes in the garage. I said to myself why not take pictures of them and blog about it for a change from taking pictures and blogging on dresses, shorts and t-shirts. So here they are. You do not have to read about them I just want a break - :-)

This pair of rubber shoes makes me dizzy - sometimes I wonder why I bought this kind.
This pair is still white after 5 years of wearing that my work colleague thinks I should one day jump into the mud wearing it so it goes brown as she gets distracted while we are walking - :-)
and this is my best buddy - after 10 years it is still wearable.
So can you tell from the pairs of rubber shoes I am wearing what kind of person I am? LOL!
Now I need to check if any of the couple of parcels I picked up at the postoffice this morning has any t-shirts. I might make my 178 t-shirts today.

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