Sunday, 25 August 2013

T-shirts for Abim #12 - Last 2 t-shirts from Di's parcel

I wanted to seal Parcel #5 but could not because I was waiting for the last 2 t-shirts to arrive. I could have filled from the ones I have on hand but want everyone to have a chance to contribute and make a difference. As everyone would probably know by now I can only send parcels on weekends and can do sorting and packing on weeknights so I am on a very tight schedule on the Uganda parcels. 

Unfortunately the 2 t-shirts did not arrive but was very lucky when I opened this parcel. It had 11 t-shirts inside and 25 undies for boys and girls from Di Beckett. I found my replacements so I finally was able to seal parcel #5 last night and completed the packing of the 178 t-shirts. The rest of the items donated by Di will be acknowledged separately. 
To Di, thank you so much for the items. Thank you for making Christmas a wonderful and colourful celebration this year for the kiddies in Abim. Much appreciated.

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