Thursday, 8 August 2013

Other Donations #2 - Drinking Bottles to Angels for the Forgotten

While browsing the internet last weekend I ended up in the Angels for the forgotten website. A couple of years ago I made some Christmas stockings for them. This time I read about some items they need that can be donated to be able to help out charities some people may wish to assist  if money is not a viable option. So I decided to donate and send this box of 15 new drinking bottles which I had been storing in my garage. Drinking bottles I bought about 5 years ago as my donation to a Breast Cancer fundraising drive when holidaying in the US. I took these bottles back home with me. And after 5 years will 
finally leave their spot in my garage and going to WaggaWagga as my donation to the Angels for the Forgotten, for some Australian kids to enjoy and quench their thirst using these drinking bottles.

To check out the list of other items needed by the Angels for the Forgotten for anyone who wishes to donate, please click here.

*** Angels for the forgotten is dedicated to giving dignity, hope and joy to our community's most vulnerable children, youth and families who are homeless, entering foster care or living in crisis. To know more about their work, please click here.

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