Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Thank you so much Ladies

Now that I am starting to pack for Abim, Uganda it is time to thank a special group of people who will be such a big help in this project. I kept these funds untouched (some for months) knowing that someday there might be a great need for it ..if and when something special is going to happen and indeed that time has come. 

My deepest and heartfelt thank you to Cassandra N Biadacz, Sharyn Paull, Yasmine Bayaziti and Karen Hislop for their financial contributions to support Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to provide dresses and pairs of shorts and in special cases t-shirts to disadvantaged children anywhere in the world. Thank you for helping make a difference to the lives of 342 schoolkids in Abim, Uganda in your own special way, for giving these special kids the chance to celebrate christmas with a difference this year through your kindness and generosity. It is very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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