Saturday, 3 August 2013

T-shirts for Abim #2 - 16 t-shirts from Monika

WooHoo! The second parcel of  16 t-shirts from Monika Osvald for the boys of Abim Uganda.
Another 16 boys will have a very colourful Christmas and enjoy wearing their colourful t-shirts. Thank you to Monika for making this difference possible. Thanks a whole lot!

If you want to see more boys having a colourful Christmas this year and own colourful t-shirts, something they can call their own, then come and join us. Make a difference to the lives of 178 kids by contributing to this wonderful cause of providing new t-shirts to match their new pair of shorts they will be receiving this Christmas. One t-shirt through your kindness and generosity makes a whole lot of difference to the life of one child. Live the year 2013 making a difference....with one colourful t-shirt at a time!! Thank you.

*** For t-shirt contributions, please post them to Dress A Girl Australia P.O. Box 240 Casula Mall Casula NSW 2170

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