Tuesday, 1 October 2013

About Wilcannia

Here is knowing a little about Wilcannia in NSW.  I never looked back since I got connected to this small community but looking forward always on how i can make a difference to the lives of the kiddies in this community.

Wilcannia is a small town located within the Central Darling Shire in northwestern New South Wales. This was the third largest inland port in the country during the great river boat era of the mid-19thcentury. From the 2011 Census, Wilcannia had a population of 604 with 466 (77%) people being of Aboriginal descent. Wilcannia has 211 private dwellings.
The name Wilcannia is said to be derived from an Aboriginal term for either 'gap in the bank where floodwaters escape' or 'wild dog'. Neither meaning has been linguistically verified.
Wilcannia is located where the Barrier Highway crosses the Darling River, 965 kilometres(600 miles) from Sydney.
Wilcannia has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cool winters. Mean maximum daily temperature in summer is  34°C and in winter is 19°C. The highest temperature recorded in Wilcannia was was 50.0 °C (122.0 °F) on 11 January 1939. This was during the severe heatwave of January 1939.

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