Monday, 21 October 2013

More than a mile #12 - 10 pairs from Dress A Girl Australia

On my way home I decided to stop by Coles and noticed my wallet was kind of heavy. Earlier in the day I did notice my bag was also getting heavier (walk from the parking to the station is about 6 mins). Turned out my wallet was full of coins. When I got back to the car I looked into my wallet and a quick scan I thought I had more than 20 bucks in coins. So I decided to go to Kmart which was right next to Coles and see if there was any 'thong' sale going on so I can put my coins into good use. And this is what I got for some of my coins. 10 pairs of thongs for $20. 
Anything for the kids of Wilcannia NSW. These 10 pairs brings my total to 74 as of today.

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