Saturday, 5 October 2013

Breaking the rule for the children of South Africa

Whoever makes the rules in my case (yes) have the right to break the rules for a very worthy cause. Am breaking the 2-week-old rule I made on the 'no more allocations' for new dress distributions this year. I need to re-start packing dresses and shorts for the Morning Star Foundation in South Africa. They have a day care facility for underprivileged children who are infected with HIV/AIDS. (The founder was actually here in Australia for 3 weeks and didnt know about it. I could have driven to Newcastle to get a chance to meet her). 

Anyway, am also about to commit to their clothing sponsorship program. Instead of sponsoring financially I get to sponsor with dresses and shorts. How cool and unique is that! More details will be made available very soon. Am on the initial stage of planning on how best to send these clothes twice a year at the lowest postage cost I could get. Good Luck to me!

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