Sunday, 27 October 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/10 #149 - 8 dresses, headscarves & softies from Monika

Number 149 on the list is a parcel of 8 dresses, about 58 headscarves and 20 stuff toys from Monika Osvald. I think I've got enough headscarves to fill my christmas bags for the Philippines and extras will be allocated for South Africa. My next task after the acknowledgements will be to count the stuff toys I've got so I would know if I could fill at least 50 bags. Here are the goodies I have received from Monika -
To Monika, thank you so much. Thank you for helping me fill up my Christmas bags and bring in more smiles to this friendly world of ours.It is much appreciated. Thank you.

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