Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Will year 2013 be a year of compassion?

Today at work I was thinking what my theme would be for 2014 after living the year 2013 making a difference. I was thinking of the words 'compassion', 'kindness', 'humanity', 'generosity', 'tenderness', 'goodwill'. And then I read what the Dalai Lama said about making the century a century of compassion. Sharing with you the full message below -

"We can make this a more peaceful century if we cherish non-violence and concern for others' well-being. It is possible. If the individual is happier, his or her family is happier; if families are happy, neighbourhoods and nations will be happy. By transforming ourselves we can change our human way of life and make this a century of compassion."
              ~ Dalai Lama

What do you think? It is worth a try I believe,

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