Thursday, 10 October 2013

Connected to a village in Uganda

Dress A Girl Australia is now connected to a village where a well for clean water will be constructed once the funds are available. Here is a profile of the village Kalagi in Uganda -

Village Profile: Kalagi, Uganda

  • Parish: Degeya
  • Sub-County: Kalagala
  • County: Bamunanika
  • District: Luwero
  • Current water source: Open Pond
  • Population: 700 Children; 300 Adults
KALAGI VILLAGE is located in the Luwero Central Region, Luwero District in the subcounty of Kalagala. Following the Uganda-Tanzania War that removed Idi Amin Dada from power in 1979, a period of intense competition and fighting for control between different groups followed. Luwero was the heart of the Liberation War of 1981-1986 when a guerrilla war was waged by the National Resistance Army (NRA) against the then government of Milton Obote and later of Tito Okello. Many civilian lives were lost when Obote’s forces retaliated against the NRA. Although numerous Obote soldiers had previously survived Idi Amin’s terrorist activities, they sadly turned to the same type of actions against the NRA. The area of the Luwera District had many refugee camps that were subject to military control and human rights abuses. Having been at the heart of this war-ravaged area, leaders quickly abandoned the land and moved to Kampala to enjoy their victory. As a result, this area has been ignored by past and current governments so badly that the only significant development has been a paved road that was put in three years ago. Every single person living here continues to suffer greatly from these historic challenges.

The original water source of Kalagi is an open pond located 4.0 kilometers from the village. Because the pond is open, animals also have access to it, tracking in mud and sediment when they drink and often going to the bathroom in or near the pond. When it rains, water runs over the ground collecting pollutants and pours them into the source. The small pool is a dark brown color indicating the enormous amount of mud and silt that get stirred up. Dense foliage around some of the pond can hide snakes and other animals. Water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery abound in this source and are responsible for many cases of sick villagers. The very young and the elderly usually suffer the most and fragile lives are often lost to the ravages of these diseases. And still they continue to drink this filthy, horrific water because they simply have no way to obtain clean water.

  ** Picture courtesy of Water-4-Kids International **
  ** Picture courtesy of Water-4-Kids International **
  ** Picture courtesy of Water-4-Kids International **
  ** Picture courtesy of Water-4-Kids International **
 ** Picture courtesy of Water-4-Kids International **
** Picture courtesy of Water-4-Kids International **
The situation for life and health are desperate and often hopeless in the village of Kalagi. But the lives of these precious villagers will soon be radically changed for the better with your gift of a borehole. This deep well will provide fresh, pure water for these villagers and their surrounding community. They will simply have to pump a small handle on their new well to receive clear, clean, life-giving water. Health, safety and abundant life will no longer be a dream for the families of this village, they will be a reality. Sparkling, untainted water will be readily available to them year-round. The number of people impacted by your generosity includes 700 children and 300 adults, including the people from five surrounding villages, four schools and five churches. Access to clean water will enhance the growth of every child in this area thereby helping build up a nation and our world at large.

Get ready everyone to help this village for once get clean water through your kindness and generosity. Make it the best Christmas ever for the 700 children and 300 adults including the people from five surrounding villages, four schools and five churches.
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