Monday, 7 October 2013

To keep the dream alive

Since I started the Dress A Girl Around the World campaign, the most difficult task (I must admit) I have to  undertake is raise money for postage. Dress A Girl Australia is a self-funded charity work. Contrary to what other people are thinking (for which I dont have the time to listen to them), there are no big sponsors to back me up except my creativity. I've had very generous personal donors who helped me along the way and very thankful and grateful to them but to keep on keep the dream alive I have to be creative all the time and believe me it has been a bold, difficult and daring journey of creativity (especially when you work full-time M to F). Every now and then I have to come up with something to make and sell, something one cannot easily find to make it attractive for anyone to purchase. The possibilities are endless I know but only when you have the time to spare.

Well, this week I came up with something again. I've had this box full of materials with me for quite some time but never had the chance to create something out of it but with my other new big project coming up of providing a well for a village in Uganda I decided it is time to do something. Unlike the dresses which is on-going, the well is a one-time project but still needs money.  This is one of the 3 handmade projects I am thinking of selling to raise money for the well and postage fund. 

Here is a preview of my latest creation and I really hope it would click in the market especially to the younger generation. Proceeds from the sale of this item is to help young children in disadvantaged locations, give hope to a village through clean water and what better way to keep this dream for younger people to support by making a purchase of this handmade decoupaged pendant. Young people from fortunate locations helping their counterparts in disadvantaged locations, making a difference thus making this world a better place. I hope they would love this decoupaged pendant.
Am still in the process of thinking on how to package it and whether it should come with a chain or not but soon it will be available from my Dress A Girl shop. Since this is totally handmade, there wont be that many as I probably wont have the time to make a lot but will try to meet whenever there is a demand.

So one of the secret is out. :-) If anyone is interested, please feel free to send me an email at

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