Sunday, 20 October 2013

Was I at Dreamers Market yesterday?

This is in reply to an email I received today asking where I was located at the Dreamers Market yesterday as this person didnt see any sign about Dress A Girl Australia. From the main entrance I probably would be one of the first stalls you would have seen as I was there right in the middle. You would not see any sign at all on Dress A Girl Australia as for the past three markets I decided not to carry or display any sign at all relating to Dress A Girl Around the world. I did this early this year but I could hardly sell anything at all because I spent most of my time explaining what Dress A Girl was all about. I only made about $60.00 which was not even enough to pay for the stall. I was lucky I didnt have to pay anything at all. Also I noticed that some of the people were not really that interested as they were there to look around and shop. 

I thought hard about this and ask myself what was really the purpose why I wanted to have a stall at Dreamers Market. Was it to promote Dress A Girl or was it to sell so I could raised enough money to sustain Dress A Girl. If I was there just to promote then I thought one market day to do this was enough especially if you consider the time and effort you have to spend preparing for a market to be successful and the money you have to invest in printing leaflets. So I decided that for the next market I will be there just to promote and sell my handmade items. I could focus on explaining what I was selling so people would buy and if they buy something, that money would go to my postage fund. And my decision contributed to a successful second market day. I was able to raise almost $300 from selling  in one day. And since I made that decision the next two markets (last one yesterday) made me bring home at least $250 at the end of the day. And these financial results has been a very big help in funding Dress A Girl Australia.

So for those who will be going to the next Dreamers Market next year, dont look for a Dress A Girl Australia stall. Look for Soft Treasures, the name I use when I am in my creative mood, the name I bring when I craft to make a difference in this world. Regardless of which name I bring, everything I am doing is for Dress A Girl Australia to become sustainable anyway so the name should not matter. 

If you spent some time looking around at the stalls, you may remember this stall in particular - this was where I was from 9-3:30pm.
I hope I get to see you next time!

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