Sunday, 4 May 2014

Different and simple kind of happiness

Have been looking at some of the pictures I have collected from dress distributions as I want to come up with some sort of a poster to celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day and here are 2 pictures that caught my eye. I think I can come up with a story from some of the pictures I have. ♥☺♥

Child's happiness #1 - the girl on the left of this picture seems to be more interested on her new dress than having her picture taken -
Mama's happiness #1 - Mamas happy faces upon seeing their kids wearing new dresses.
I worked as a programmer/systems analyst for almost 15 years and whenever I was able to find a bug in the codes or troubleshoot some problems I always felt happy but it was more of a 'feeling relieved' kind of happiness that I was able to accomplish something. But with Dress A Girl Australia, it is a different kind of happiness. Something that you cannot easily get or buy anywhere and what's really great about it is that I do not get paid to feel that kind of accomplishment and happiness.

Simple pleasures...greatest moments! Feeling so fulfilled! 

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