Sunday, 18 May 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#58 to #60 - From Virginia, Vanya and the two Margarets

For today are 3 donations from Virginia Smith, Vanya Bryant and the two Margarets namely Margaret Blanch and Margaret Leech. I thought I could post 2 sets of 3 donations tonight but could not finish it as I left early for a practice bushwalking this morning and did not arrive home till 2pm. If some of you are wondering why am doing a practice it is because together with a few members of the family we will be going to Peru in July and will be doing the Inca 4-days and 3 nights trek to Macchu Picchu.

1) Donation #58 is a parcel of 14 dresses and 22 pairs of shorts from Virginia Smith -
2) Donation #59 is a parcel of 22 dresses, 12 pairs of shorts and 6 packs of undies from Margaret Blanch and Margaret Leech who from now on I will be referring to as the two Margarets
3) Donation #60 is a parcel of 8 dresses, 6 pairs of shorts and 15 bags from Vanya Bryant -
Thank you so much Ladies for these wonderful dresses. Thank you for your unwavering support of this charity campaign to dress the less fortunate children around the world, making owning at least one dress a reality rather than just imaginary. Thank you so much. Your efforts are much appreciated.

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