Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dress A Girl Australia's School Supplies Starter Kit

This year I wanted to make a School Supplies starter kit to distribute every now and then and if and when I can collect supplies I wanted to include in the kit but could not find the time to actually sit down and start making one until about six weeks ago when I received 10 mini bags from Pam of Threading my Way. I had the choice of either selling the bags to raise money to help with postage or do something with the bags that can make a difference. 

Seeing the bags finally made me sit down to start creating a Dress A Girl Australia School Starter kit. After the Indi Kindi collection charity drive, I was still able to collect a number of school supplies from generous donors. And from what I had collected I was able to come up with the following to put inside Pam's bag - good enough for a kid to own especially if they are just about to start school or even in the middle of school. It would be such a big help to them, perhaps inspire them more to go to school everyday. My Dad who used to own and run a technical school in the Philippines before he retired used to say that you need a kit for the students to work on to inspire them to go to school and learn more. So here is my inspirational kit -

2 exercise books
1 pack of colouring pencils
1 pencil sharpener
1 eraser
3 pencils
2 pens
And this is how the school starter bag looks like with its contents -
I was able to make 10 sets of starter kits for the 10 bags I received and the first lucky recipients of these starter kits will be 10 school kids of the School for Life Foundation in Uganda c-o Annabelle Chauncy, a co-founder of this organization. Perhaps they can use it as an award to their best students since there are only 10 sets...but at least I finally made the kit I always wanted to make...and I hope to make more in the future...and maybe include a dress or a pair of shorts to wear to school. Endless possibilities that started with Pam's bag.
Heaps and heaps of thanks to Monika Osvald and Karina Tomlinson for their school supplies' contributions that enabled me to fill the bag with the supplies I wanted as starters and to Pam of Threading my Way for the mini bags that triggered the start of the School Supplies starter kit. Thank you so much.


  1. What a great way to use the bags, Gigi!!! Here's a link to the tutorial, in case anyone else wants to make some...

    1. Thank you so much Pam. The bags were just the right size I had in mind. Thanks!