Sunday, 25 May 2014

More school supplies from old books

Two months ago I listed most of my old school books and bestseller books in ebay especially the ones that I think I would not like to read or refer back in the future since they were offering free listings. I sold all of them after a month and last week I decided to spend the money on these school supplies. I was inspired to make a purchase after I fell in love with my school starter bags.
From this batch, I think I would be able to make another 25 school starter kits. And lucky me the shop I went to were selling their 48-exercise books for fifteen cents each. I will be making starter kits again and keep them until I have decided which school/location it would be going to. I may not be able to send them though until I get back from my July holidays as my main focus would be the sending of the dress parcels. I still have more old books to sell and new craft books which I hope to list to sell soon. All I need is time.

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